martedì 24 febbraio 2009

Luci dal sito di Ali Akbar Khan

"This Music is for everyone. Like fresh air, or clean water.In old times, when the old maestros sang or playedinstruments in the temple, all the animals, birds, tigers,lions, everything, anyone came to hear the Music."
"Music is a universal language. The sound of the melodytouches everyones heart and mind. Those people who havenever heard this music take a few minutes to feel it, thenthey enjoy it in their own way."
"I love music. Whatever I can give to my students is mypleasure. Whatever I know, I will give. If you can learn inone day, I'll teach you everything. If you can play betterthan me, it's more pleasure. The better you can play andsing, the more beautifully you can express yourself and this Music."
"My father taught me Music the way most parents teach theirchildren to speak. He was 110 years old when he died, anduntil that time he played constantly, sometimes 23 hours aday."
"Indian Music is like a river or stream that has come downto us through time, bringing nurture to man's soul. From thepast masters, this Music flowed to my father and through himto me. I want to keep this stream flowing, I don't want itto die. It must spread all over the world."
"In the old times, musicians would only learn or teach amongtheir blood relations and only be heard among the royalfamily in court. After independence, the music came toeveryone through the festivals and All India Radio, and themany colleges. Slowly, slowly the music has gone from thecourt to each and everyone"
"My father used to criticize me for 24 years. One note Icouldn't do the proper way and he'd say, 'It's not correct.'I used to think he was getting old and couldn't hear meproperly. Then after 20 years he told me I was there. Irealized he was 100 percent correct and I was wrong."
"Music is the only thing that you can share with a millionmillion people and you don't lose, you gain. It helps you toget energy and to live long, because when your soul is veryhappy then you don't want to die."
"For us, as a family, music is like food. When you need ityou don't have to explain why, because it is basic to life."
"If you practice for 10 years, you may begin to pleaseyourself, after 20 years you may become a performer andplease the audience, after 30 years you may please even yourguru, but you must practice for many more years before youfinally become a true artist-- then you may please evenGod."
"I play for myself. If I like my music, you will like it. IfI do not, you will not.""After eating healthy food you can have a sweet, but if youdon't have the real food and only have the sweets it's notgood for you. Still, if you eat healthy a little chocolateis very nice. You can mix up the music a little bitlike that for fun."